Age Quotes

Life is a continuous process, it never stops but goes down every second. Age is the reason that motivates us to live a cherished life. People stop caring for themselves, but age can never stop. It unbreakable things and always stay with you. Age is an important factor, it is the identity of the person and helps in recognition. It signifies when we born and die, age tells the life of a person. The average age for a person is around 70 years. To live a better life, you should balance age with a proper diet. Age reminds us to celebrate the birthday or any important function of every life.

Age is like a tree, first, it was younger than grow, become mature and afterward start to decline. Same wise, age is young when you are a child, then becomes mature when you become an adult. Age is a thing that can`t be forgotten and people are conscious of their ages. Some people don’t feel good about asking about age and don’t let their age disclose. Age keeps the track record of a person, it subjected the brief explanation of personal life. Age brings changes in personal life and structure.

As age goes down, it brings dynamic changes in the posture and facial structure of the person. The young become adults and groomed, the adult becomes an old and good advisor. So, completely changes the phase of a person's life. People usually don’t recognize each other, meeting after ages, so age changes the appearance of the person.