Beautiful Quotes

Our land, this earth is beautiful and peaceful. The flowers, trees, mountains, and the blue sky above us is a beauty to behold. The world in itself is a beautiful space, but what makes the world ugly is humanity. The evil deeds of humans have made the world a horrible place to live. A human is the greatest enemy of the other human. The earth could have been the most beautiful and peaceful place if unkind humans and their unfair behavior and treatment towards other humans did not exist.

We only realize someone’s importance when they are not present with us anymore. We fight and argue with people who stay by our side always and take them for granted. But once they leave our side only then, we realize their importance. Every day seems ordinary when you spend all your day with a person, but when he leaves your side, then you realize how special that every ordinary day was.

The world is a beautiful place if we have kind people around is. If we have a loving family and have caring friends, every bad phase in our life is bearable because of the great support we have from our loved ones. Life can be an enjoyable experience only if we live it the right way. Be kind to others, cherish your loved ones, and don’t go on the wrong path. Your life is in your hands. Make it bad or make it beautiful it is all up to you. Life can surprise you beyond your imaginations if you follow a righteous path.