Country Quotes

The world is divided into seven large continents, those continents are divided into countries and then countries are further divided into cities. There are 195 countries in the world. A country is a place occupying a specific area, having its own government, language, and currency. The country may be an independent state or a part of the larger country.  Each country has a capital from where the government functions and all the important government offices are situated there. Thus, capital is very important for the country.

Every country has its own cultures, laws, and army. The army has a strong effect on the country as they defend it and its people in every condition. The lifestyle of people living in each country varies. Every government of the country is responsible for its people. It issues a national identity card to each citizen. There are some unique features of each country that makes it different from others.

Some countries are rich, some are developing while others are poor. Many countries share good and healthy relations with each other. It is important for the country to create good relations with its bordering countries for their safety, trade, etc. We love the place where we live for years, this is called patriotism. People show their love for the country in different ways. Keeping the country clean, following the rules and regulations and fighting for the country are some of the ways to show our love for the country. The following are country quotes written by some famous people.