Death Quotes

Death is something that everyone has to face it. No one has to remain alive forever. Everything has expiry. Either living or non-living everything has to be dissolved and taste death. So, no one can deny it. No matter how much one cares for him, take care of his health, eat healthy food, but when the dead time is written he has to bear it. Everyone has to experience death. When one thinks about it, he gets frightened and tries to do good deeds.

Death is the worst surprise. No one knows when he has to take his last breath. It is the worst reality that everyone has to bear. Nobody knows how death occurs and what happened to the person after his death. Different religions have different aspects of death. In Islam, the teachings say that one should do good deeds before dying so that he gets heaven afterward. Those who are unkind and do not do good deeds have to go to hell where he will get punished. In other religions, they have some kind of belief that heaven is for good people and hell for the bad ones. Death is a bitter reality. One should be prepared to taste it. If someone wants the happy endings and wants to go to heaven, he must spend life according to the teaching of his religion.

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