Dream Quotes

Literally, a dream is just a thought or session of thoughts in a person’s mind when he is asleep, actually, dreaming is also possible with open eyes. A dream indeed is all that you live in, in your thoughts. It only depends upon the dreamer that how passionate and ambitious he is. Either he has the capacity to convert those dreams into reality or not. We start dreaming from our childhood till our death but few of us have that courage to achieve what we dream for. Thou, it is not easy for any of us but it requires a lot more effort. A dream is one of those things which do not require money. Poor or rich both can see dreams. Now it depends on them how passionate they are to accomplish their dreams.

It’s totally different from life after waking up. Dreams can be beautiful, funny, bad, horrifying, etc. Most of the time, dreams are the thoughts that stay in your mind after sleep, that you have been thinking the entire day.  It also happens that sometimes after waking up, we doubt that is was actually happening or was it just a dream. Some of the dreams in life are unforgettable and some vanish from our mind right before we wake up.

Dreaming is an involuntary sensation and a person does not have any control over his dreams. Everyone wants best in their lives but if we just keep on dreaming and not work hard, nothing will be left in our hands. So let's read and get inspired by the quotations about dreams below from famous people.