Eye Quotes

Eyes are the beautiful creation of God that helps us to see the world, its colors, and beauty. It shows us all the aspects of life, it is our eye that encourages us to see the beauty or find out the worst things in our surroundings. Although we see apparently with our eyes our mind also helps to show us good and bad. It is on our will what we want to see with our eyes. We see the best or worst all depending on our mind and eyes.

Eyes are not an only silent observer but these react too. When we see something wrong and feel bad it starts crying. When we experience something wonderful our eyes shine and get broad just like lips. Our vision is an important factor that may take us towards success or failure. If someone sees and observes different aspects of his work or any issue then he can resolve it quickly. But doing something blindly may not be valuable. So, eyes not only help you to see the world but guide you to observe and think about the realities of life. It helps you to make decisions and provide you vision to move ahead in life.

If you want to know about the vision and eye then it is good to read the quotes that authors explain about it. famous personalities have written much on eyes. Let's have a look at quotes and understand how eyes and vision play a role in our life.