Feelings Quotes

Feelings are emotions that every person in the world has. The person does his work according to his feelings. There are different types of feelings. Joysadnessdisguisesanxietyfearsurpriseanticipation, and trust. We express our emotions through our feelings. When we hear the good news, or get success in our work then we feel good. In contrast, hearing some odd news feel us sad. Emotions basically guide our minds to thrive or survive. It is the feeling that motivates us to do some work or inspire us to complete our goals. When we are satisfied, we feel good and we love to perform the task. Thus, complete it wholeheartedly. Happiness helps us in focusing and we pay attention to the work to achieve our goals.

In contrast, when someone is sad, he does not like to do any work. Rather, he is disappointed, thinks negative and has a pessimist feeling that leads towards the failure. Science has proved that feelings play an important role in making or destroying life. When someone gets hurt, he became depressed and lose hope to live. He doesn’t like anything and sometimes the situation becomes worse that he wants to finish himself. The bad feelings are life-threatening factors sometimes.

The scholar and scientist have done a lot of research on this topic. They don’t only have stated the facts about feelings, but we also find a lot of quotes on it. Let's read and gain knowledge about feelings and their effects on human life.