Friendship Quotes

Friendship is very essential for living a happy and healthy life. Friendship is a mutual bond between people or it is a partnership between people on equal terms. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. A friend is not a blood relation but in fact, a faithful friend can more than a blood relation in our hard times. They know all about our ins and outs. They make us strong and support us through thick and thin. When life gets crazy on us and we can’t think of the right thing to do, a true friend is the one who guides us to make the right choices in life. Their advice is like a light in dark times. A friend is like a treasure to us.

A friend is a person with which we like spending time, hang out, having fun, etc. When we are with friends, we enjoy life at its full. They are just like icing on the cake. Nothing can be more precious than a true and sincere friend. An old friend is like a mirror that reflects our selves. Mostly, it is said that a person is known by the company of his friends.

Through recent researches, we get to know that friendship deals with health problems and diseases faster. It helps to promote brain health. Thus, a friend is like a medicine. There are some problems in life which can only be shared with a friend as they reduce our stress level. Connection with friends is a constant source of happiness. Below are some quotations about friendship by famous writers.