Funny Quotes

Life is very stressful, but in our daily lives, we all experience and enjoy a few funny moments. Laughter is, in fact, very important to release the physiological steam. It also helps to improve mental health, enhance the attractiveness and our leadership qualities. Laughter is like a medicine, which restores a person’s health- both physically and mentally. Comedy is one of the powerful things which helps the person cope up with difficult situations. Without it, life is boring, but surrounded by people with a good sense of humor makes your time better. 

Through recent researches, people who watched comedy were able to solve a puzzle that was based on creative skills as compared to those who watched horror or action movies. So, comedy can also improve your mental health, too. Nowadays, depression and anxiety are growing among our youth, especially. There are initiatives taken with different types of people for releasing depression and tension. They arrange different sessions in which group of people participates, shares their thoughts and tells jokes to release the stress

Laughter is an important ingredient. In the civil war, people used to tell jokes to each other. The letters that came from the soldiers were full of gags and the newspaper delivered to the troops was much humor and funny material. That laughter and funny moments were fascinating for the people participating in the civil war. To make our lives positive and light, can’t we just look at the funny side of life. Funny quotations are below that will amuse you, lessen your stress and boost up your energy level.