Girl Quotes

Girls the beautiful creation of God. She is a mother, sister, wife, and friend. If treated nicely, she is the generous creation in the world, but if she gets the curse and unfair hardships than nothing is cruel then her. We can describe the girl in three ways. One of her appearances, secondly by her personality and thirdly by her character.

God has created every girl beautiful. No one is ugly. Some have beautiful hair while others got a gift of stunning eyes while others got the perfect body appeal. Although everyone is perfect, some are extraordinarily beautiful. Secondly, we can describe a woman through her personality that how humble, soft and patient she is. How she deals with others and how sincerely she remain with all. The overall personality and positive attitude give a girl a high ranking. Those who are humble, fair and soft are always admired by others.

Girls are more sensitive than men. They understand the situation quickly as well as feel more than men. If they care, then they may be careless if they don’t get the rights and suitable conditions of life. Girls are unpredictable, they are kind and polite and in a harsh situation, they may be tough, harsh and worst enemies.

Poets and writers wrote a lot about women and girls. They describe their personality through poems and quotes. If you are interested to know about famous girls and their personality read the sad, funny and inspirational quotes on them.