God Quotes

There are so many wonders in the world, many beautiful places that mesmerize the person by its charm, the adorable beauty of nature and also we, the question arises, how this is created and there is only one answer God has created all thisGod is universal and is the creator of every living and non-living thing. There are many things which are unanswerable and don’t need any logic, only the answer lies with God. The life and the other things that we are enjoying is a blessing of God. Mother can never leave its child, the same way a God who created us never leaves us alone in any moment of trouble and happiness.

The miracles and wonders all happen by the will of God. We humans can’t stand in front of him, it is up to him, to whom he grants and from whom he snatch everything. God is just and gives the person every happiness of life. The person can find god in his heart or solitude, it is a duty of every human to bow in front of God and worshipped Him. The creator of the universe has extreme power, it brings Sun in the morning and sets it’s in the evening, no human power, machines or science derives a method to do so.

God is unimaginable, if a person writes hundreds of books on the qualities of God, still it is incomplete because there are so many qualities and blessing of God that we can’t imagine. We should thank God by worshiping Him daily.