Government Quotes

Running on a straight track is easy and simple, but running a whole country is a huge load, only the supreme and expert panel members can do this task. The authority to run the country and takes action regarding any policy belongs to the government. The government is the central force required in every country, the government manages the policies and rules of the country. It regulates law and order, enforces people to follow the rule, maintain discipline, and runs the whole business. The government is selected by the mutual consent of the public, votes of people constitute the government. There are many houses in the government ad each one is performing its role efficiently.

The government set up the whole rules in the country, it makes different sector and each sector is led by a respective member of the assembly. The member of the assembly is elected and part of the government, they take a course of action that is in the best interest of the country. The government keeps itself involved in every affair of the country and the decision making authority lies with the government. As an organization cannot manage without management, the same goes for the country, a government is a regulatory force that monitors and controls every action in the country. It stands with the people and caters to their demand by providing them resources.

Government work for the welfare of the country, it increases exports, builds relationships with other countries, constructs dams and hospitals, provides loans to the needy people, gives financial services to its people. A better government takes the country to the height of success.