Hands Quotes

Hands- a part of the human body which is extremely important and without it life would not be easier as it seems to be. Hands are a great blessing as they are used to perform daily life activities. Moreover, they play a big role in expressing our emotions and that is through writing, illustrations, drawings, etc. The ancient people wanted to connect with modern people, so they drew marks and wrote on the stones and walls. This shows that hands have a deep connection with expressions and emotions- connecting past with the present.

In the world of technology, the value of handmade articles is far more than the item made with machinery because of their uniqueness. Similarly, handwriting can provide the mind with relaxation and stimulates the brain which typing cannot. Handwriting still serves a deep purpose in our lives. Years back, people wrote daily diary entries in which they use to tell their daily routine. It was the way to preserve their emotions, expression and time and it also gave them relaxation. Handwriting embodies the practice of creative expression and synchronization of mind and body.

Hands can be used in doing both good and bad deeds. One of the ways our hands are used is generosity, kindness, and protection. When a person is generous, we often say that he is a helping hand. Giving and receiving also relates to hands, giving is also the representation of openhandedness and hospitality. On the other hand, hands can be taken as a symbol of power, force, fight, protection, and strength. Let us now read the quotations below about hands and know-how famous people have related hands in their quotations.