Happiness Quotes

Happiness lies within itself. The happy and merry life led only one day is better than to live a thousand years in sadness and sorrow. The happy person brings a smile in its surroundings and cherishes the environment with its prescience. Happiness itself is a feeling that overcomes all problems of life and gives a person a chance to live once again and enjoy every moment of life. People appreciated that person who keeps remarkable wit and knows how to bring a smile on a face. Happiness has a non-replicable charm and casts a dwelling effect on others also. Happiness further leads to joy, enjoyment, coolness and many more.

Life is a great blessing of God and is given only for one time. There are many problems in everyone`s life, the best person is the one who fights with his problems happily. Happiness not only defeat everything but also conquered many hearts, people prefer to befriend those who enjoy their life and keeps their surrounding cherished and loving. A person enjoys life when he desires to live it only for himself and help others. A sad and sorrow person can`t stand for others and protect himself, whereas a person having a clear feeling not only stand but also support each other.

Happiness is a gift of God, it is up to us how we used it, either we can enjoy every moment of our life or let life go. A person happy with his life fascinates the surroundings and has a strong impact on other people also which led them to live a beautiful life.