Heart Quotes

The heart is not only an organ that pumps blood to our entire body but is the feeling organ too. People think from the mind but feel through the heart. We never say someone has a good mind; we describe someone by saying he has a good heart or soft heart. Thus, the organ gives us life both physically and spiritually. God has gifted this beautiful organ to feel good or bad. Heart plays a key role in feeling and expressing emotions.

There exists a strong connection between your mind and heart. What you think your heart feels. If you overthink or got some harsh situation, your heart gets sad and vice versa. Thus, a deep feeling is associated with the heart. People do whatever with heart. For example, when someone prays its mean he is doing it with heart. So, whatever someone wishes for, do or get it is all about feelings that arise from the heart.

Even when someone suffers, it is all because of the heart. It convinces the person to do something bad or send a signal to the mind to think negative. Thus, heart and mind collaboration lead the person towards the harsh consequences. It is the heart that makes the person’s life. A person with a soft and kind heart always has positive thinking so get success.

Let us know further about the heart by reading the quotations about the heart. Read it, understand and have knowledge about the heart and see what people say about this important organ of the body.