Home Quotes

The place of mental and physical peace, one finds solitude and privacy in its home. There is no better place than home, a person can live without friends, but without home and family. It is bound up the person and provides shelter. Home is the shelter that gives immense happiness to the person in his good and bad times. A person can never be alone and is supported by his family back at home. A person born in luxury doesn’t know the importance of home, only a person deprives of the home knows its worth. Living a prosperous life is also a blessing and only lucky ones are blessed by it.

Home is the first place where the person returns in his happy and sad mood, it gives everything to the person from his childhood to adulthood. A lot of memories are preserved by a home, a happy family lives together in one home and support each other in every aspect of life. Life is the meaning to live for others and spread happiness. A home is not only a structure of brick joint together with cement, but it’s a feeling that is built by emotions. It preserves the values of a forefather and their achievement, giving us lifelong lessons.

Every person desiring to live a beautiful life in their home, some bring their imagination into reality by building a big home for them while some live their life in a small home. A home, whether large or big is at home and is not measurable, it is the strength of the family that binds the home together.