Humor Quotes

To live a life full of joy and fun is the desired of every person. A boring and dull person doesn’t sound good to people, whereas a person possessing a good sense of humor lightens up the surroundings. Being a humorous person is a quality possessed by the people. As the food doesn’t taste good without spice the same goes to talk, a little bit of humor makes the conversation more exciting. The jovial and humorous person attracts people with talks and is appreciated by everyone. Humor brings a sense of happiness that makes the environment pleasant and full of excitement.

The quality of being humor is liked by everyone, a little bit of humorous talk change the entire view of the gathering. Sometimes, good humor can convey the message more easily. Humor is a bit different than taunt, it is to make a little bit of a joke that cherished the event. Humor is the way of talking that changes the meaning of the words and delivered the message more pleasantly. A humorous person is always a center of attention of the public and gathers a lot of appraisal from every side. People are eager to invite the humorous person to their function to make it more active and live.

Being humorous is a quality, belongs to a person who enjoys every moment of life without worry. He brings happiness in the life of other people with its humor. The silence only kills a person, whereas as little humor and happiness gave a person a new life.