Knows Quotes

The life is unpredictable and one`s has no experience what can happen next. The feelings of being alone can kill anyone and nobody knows what to do. The feeling of knowing everything sometimes brings animosity and jealousy. People find their competition with the person who knows everything. Knowing everything is the effort that a person puts to get information. Nothing can`t be achieved without any hard work and practice, so the person having the full know-how and complete knowledge is the inspiration to others. The knowing of everything is the ability that distinguishes the person among the rest of the others. This feature brings variety in the person`s behavior. 

The knowing keeps the person separate from the others, a person who knows everything is like an open that is easy to read and difficult to understand. A person who knows everything displays his knowledge at certain specific moments. The difference between stupid and intelligent is that both know everything but an intelligent person speaks at the required time, whereas stupid one displays it in front of everyone. People appreciated the person and embark the performance of the person who possesses full knowledge and know-how of everything. The fame ad honor comes in the way of a person who keeps high value and good knowledge. 

The knowledge and company of the person make it different among the others, a person is known by the company it keeps. People make friends after observing their behavior and nature, the person who knows everything is attracted by everyone. People are keen to become a friend of such a person.