Law Quotes

Laws are a set of rules formed and enforced by the government of specific states to provide their citizens with protection, justice, maintain discipline and behavior in society. Without laws, the government would not be able to implement peace and justice to the people as there will be inequality all around. Because of laws, all the people are treated equally, whether rich or poor. The government and private sectors both are accountable under the law. It is essential for everyone to follow these rules to create peace and harmony in the area.

If the people break laws they are punished, a legal code is written against them and the police take action according to that code. The punishment is according to the type of law broken by the person. It can be in the form of fine, prison, damage or any unpleasant consequences. Breaking law is risky in every situation. If the people would not be punished for breaking laws and unjustified behavior, everyone will be disturbed bigger crimes will take place frequently. So in order to regulate behavior and control crime law and order is important for society and its people.

Some of the rules that people break most often are speeding up and breaking signals. These rules are made for people for their own safety. It is the right of the citizen to have just and fair jury. There are laws for everything, for example, laws for food, traffic, business, etc. In every way, laws are of core importance and a good citizen is the one who is obedient towards the laws. It is to give respect to our country. Our famous people have written some quotations about the law to value the laws. Get inspired by reading them below.