Light Quotes

When the weather forecast for the night is dark and rainy, people wait for the widely scattered light in the morning. Thomas Edison worked hard throughout his life by keeping him awake at night, though he did not have electric light, he was determined to finish his essential work with the help of a candle or gas lamp. Instead of cursing the darkness, it’s better to light up your night with the help of candles. We humans could have become high species if we didn’t become satisfied with the light on our tennis shoes.

Most people believe being single is the most typical time of your life; all you require is a cup of tea, a light, a stereo, and nothing else. If you continually strive to put things into a new light, it is going to change most of the bad things in society. If the feelings of sadness and anger overpower, you let positivity bring the much-needed light in your life. Many people believe the invention of the light bulb by Thomas Edison changed our life for good. A man must have either two of the things, one is having a light deposition naturally, or the other is a deposition which is lightened by art and knowledge.

Most of the people tend to move towards the light to shine better rather than to see well. We all need solitude and freedom to breathe freely in the light, free and playful air.