Long Quotes

The word long describes extended, stretched or elongated. For life, we use the word long. It basically describes the way the person adopts to earn and get success. It defines what method one does adopt to be successful in life. Some people adopt the truth and sincere ways to provide a long-lasting effect on other life. The behaviors also create impressions on others. If someone behaves badly to others and thinks he is the only one who can do and win. Furthermore, he may talk proudly and may hurt other's feelings. This sort of behavior not only disappoint people but lead to a long-lasting impression. So, to keep in another person's mind and heart the person's behavior matter a lot. A single word of kindness also leaves a long-term impression. One never forgets the person who helped during the need of the hour.

In short, the word long needs a detail discussion. We define it in different forms. We can use long-distance, long impression, long time and long run. All these are described in different aspects of life. One must react in a way that creates a positive impression on others. His behavior must be soft, so people remember him for a long time.

Authors, writers, ad professionals describe a lot about the word length. We find hundreds of quotations on this word. If you want to learn about it then have a look at the beautifully written quotes below.