Looks Quotes

We hear this our whole life that looks doesn’t matter and what matters is the inside of a person. It should be true, but unfortunately, it’s not likely to be the truth in the real world because people are judged by their appearance. The look is actually the physical appearance of a thing or person. Physical attractiveness has a number of benefits as people think that attractive individuals are better because they must be having a responsive, interesting and sociable personality as compared to the unattractive people. They are thought to be more competent in adjustment with other people.

People with good looks are generally preferred more in different areas of life in comparison to people who are unattractive. It gives them better job opportunities, treated better on workplaces, marry more desirable spouses, thought to be more persuasive and intelligent, etc. In real life, looks should not matter, but only the character and abilities of a person should matter. We are always told that ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but we do every day. We don’t do it consciously, but the first impression of a person lays a strong impact on us.

Generally, attractive people are the most dated by attractive people. But if a good looking person dates an unattractive person, people poke them and make fun of them. Many people on social media are criticized for their unattractive couples. The inner beauty of a person and their abilities are seen and appreciated by very fewer people. Further, below are some quotations on looks from our famous writers.