Love Quotes

Love is a beautiful word that truly relates to happiness, care, affection, and kindness. If someone gets the love it means he is living the best life. Being loved or to love someone is a great feeling. As this simple act of kindness melts another person’s heart, it brings happiness and makes the relationship strong. Love is not only for the spouse or other gender but the love between parents and child, among friends, siblings and even love with pets creates an awesome feeling inside the heart. Love helps the person to involve in activity with heart. When someone loves his work, he does it with passion. So, there is no limitation to this word.

To spread love or to be loved is the best stress-relieving medicine. It is common observation when someone is depressed and alone gets special care with love, he starts coming back towards life. He wants to live again and show interest in routine activities. Thus, being in love create a positive impact both on physical as well as mental health. The happy person, take care of his health and pay attention to his work. Therefore, he has a better life. Love is a wonderful addiction that helps the person to stay satisfied and peaceful. So, stay happy by spreading love and get this wonderful feeling from special people around you.

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