Lying Quotes

Telling a lie is the worst sin as most other crimes and bad habits develop due to this sin. The person who tells a lie thinks he is great and gets escape from the situation. But it is not true. Although he gets success by telling a lie at one time after a few days or sometimes he gets revenge from god. People get to know about his lying habit. In this way, loses his trust and time comes no one believes him.

It is observed a person who tells a lie for some time feel good and prefer to lie again and again till it becomes his habit. He tries to make his worth by telling a lie, and keep on going this sin. He even abuse, may cheat to others and fail to do fair dealing. Thus, due to one sin, he develops many other sins. In the beginning, he feels that it is a good habit as everyone trusts him. But with time when people come to know the reality, he gets caught in his lies. In the end, no one believes him and he gets a severe punishment. Even if he says sorry and speaks the truth, it is hard for others to believe him.

Lying is a very bad habit. No one likes the person who does this sin. Even the well-known personalities, writers, authors and artists believe that a person who tells a lie is a bad addition in mankind. You may read these quotes about lying that clearly define how bad is to tell a lie.