May Quotes

When the word ‘may’ is added to a sentence, its meaning changes to possibility. When we are not 100 percent sure about something, then we use the word ‘may’. Life is full of possibilities. We can do anything in life, but sometimes we struggle so much to make our dreams come true when it’s the time to take the prize, which is waiting ahead waiting after a little more hard work, we simply give up on it. We just limit ourselves some time and that so crazy about us. We just think things are impossible, but nothing is impossible in this world, it's just our mind which makes it impossible. You just have to be a risk-taker.

There are countless opportunities in our daily life, but most of the time we just stay in our comfort zone thinking we may get out of it or not? But we have to make ourselves get ready for the toughest situations and challenges in life. Throw out the negative vibes and get over the fear which is not letting you face the world.

The possibilities are the greatest thing in life. Most of the time you think about something you’ve never done, you can do it, but you are unable to get a start. It just needs a self-motivated and that's it, you’re there! Remove the word ‘may’ from your life and start the word ‘can’. You can do everything because life is full of endless possibilities. Some sayings about May of famous people are quoted below.