Mean Quotes

The word means in the description or intention for something. Basically, what we say has meaning behind it. So, whatever we express and describe their lays some intention or description about it. Therefore, it is said one must speak after thinking. Because once you said something wrong it may hurt another person that is usually unforgettable. So, it is essential to first know about the words you are saying and then say to someone so no one feels about what you say.

Sometimes we speak with some harsh expressions. Although another person doesn’t know what you mean and your harsh expressions may create a problem. Thus, when we speak, we should have good facial expressions along with good intentions behind our sayings. Even our purpose, aim and goal also are the intention. These are something we mean to perform or do in our life. so, one must do with positivity so people come to know what you really mean and want to do. For example, if you want to get a good result, it's mean you really mean it, you will work hard to achieve your goals.

Mean is the simple word but it has deep description and meaning. The famous personalities consider meaning an important factor in life. We usually see the quotes related to this word. Here is a collection of quotations present related to word mean. Let’s have a look to learn in detail about the mean and how it affects personal life.