Names Quotes

The world knows the person by the name it possesses. There are millions of people living in the country in the same place. Each one has the identity that keeps it separate from one another. The name you keep is the identity that represents you in front of the world. Without the name, you are a homeless person and no one dared to know and care for you. It’s only your name that places you in order and features the behavior in front of the world. In the crowd of millions, it posses the power to identify you at once. Name is the things that person belongs from birth to its death and afterward.

Many people are there in the society who doesn’t have a name, they don’t have a family to name them. Name is a blessing that makes us feel proud and gives us an identity. Once the name is set, it is used by everyone, people normally name their children in the memory of their parents. The name also helps to recognize the person, it helps to know about the person. The accomplishment and rewards of the person are known by its name. In society, people used to call each other by their nicknames and feel joy in it.

Friends and family are part of life, they both give us a name. One gives us a generic name and the other gives us the nickname, both these names make us quite different from the world. The name has its important that no one can be denied, it is among the world great blessing. There is no one in the world other than the parent who can give you a name, so respect them.