Night Quotes

Night- the mesmerizing part of the day when the moon provides a dim radiance letting the world thrust into shadows. The illuminating moonlight and twinkling star in the dark sky provide a calm environment creating peace everywhere. Not much traffic and very few people, just enjoying the roadside walks and silence. But on the other hand, it is also the most fearful time of the day as most of the crimes take place during the night. There are more places to hide and witnesses are less for the criminals to attack their victims.

Night-time triggers most of the emotions and actions such as love, crime, sadness, creativeness and awakening that we nearly forget in the daytime with busy schedules. For working people, it is time to relax from a stressful day. It is a source of warmth and comfort. For people, mostly teenagers, night-time is to enjoy with friends having lates-night parties, long drives, and roadside walks. Watching the silent street, counting the stars, standing on the balcony with the wind blowing are some of the soothing and relaxing moments observed at night. The beauty of the night cannot be compared with any part of the day.

Night controls the movement of tides and it is a rumor that the movement of the tides has a great impact on people’s moods. There are some folklores people tell their kids about night time like the ‘boogeyman’ and other unpleasant creatures to protect them as they think that it is dangerous during darkness. Below are some quotations about the night which beautifully describe the night time.