Order Quotes

The order can be described in three ways. First, it is the word described to force someone to perform a task. The order is basically a strict command that another person has to follow otherwise he has to face the consequences. We usually read and hear about this world in law and enforcement organizations. Like court order. The person who got punishment from the court is liable to accept the decision of the judge. Similarly, orders from the government to obey rules and regulations. So, when someone gets an order he has to obey and fulfill the requirement. Obeying the order is important. The person who disobeys bears negative consequences and may lose his worth in society.

Second is the purchase order, that is a demand of the client to a merchant to provide the product. Purchasing items on demand is the order. The client places an order to the salesperson and he gets his product on time. Thus, the business depends on the order and fulfilling the demand of the client.

Thirdly. We describe this word in making sequence. Like ascending and descending order. Lining up the product according to the requirement define the word order.

So, the order is the word for three different acts. You can learn further about this word through order quotes that have been described here. Have a look and see how scholars, authors, and writers, as well as law people, described it. By reading you will clearly know about the order and importance of this word.