Religion Quotes

The eagerness and urge to find a place in heaven after death is a feeling that every one of us experiences once in a while. Human beings often tend to find answers to find out how they would be able to make a place in heaven after they are dead. The yearning to be in the right place after a human dies is what makes him look for ways that can make him a person who deserves a spot in heaven. Loving good equals loving heaven and the state of peace and happiness can be achieved by staying firm in our beliefs and faith by following the path taught by God.

Cruel human beings in the world mistreat other humans, and when they are punished for their deeds, they form a belief that God is unkind and poor. To justify their cruel attitude, they blame God for being evil. On the contrary Kind people believe in spreading love and peace. In return, they are blessed by God for their kindness. The topic summarizes that we are responsible for our acts and get punished or blessed by God according to our deeds.

Humans are bound to make mistakes because they are not perfect. It is only right to hate the sin and not the person who is sinning. The efforts should be made to eradicate the sin and not the person who made the mistake of sinning. There is always a chance to be forgiven and start a new life as a better person.