Religious Quotes

Religious belief is the feeling that makes up the man a better person. A person can only get success and fame if he follows the rules set by God and the Holy Book. Religion is the faith that lies in the heart of every human being. A person, whomever it appears to be is born to follow the religion and set his/her life according to the golden principle and rules of the Book and God. God is generous and is very kind, he set up a path and it is compulsory for every human to follow that path to get success and prosperity in life. Religion is the hidden secret of every person's life and one has to follow it.

There are many types of people in the world belongs to a different nation and culture and each one has a different religion. Each religion has its different practice to pacify God's. The different community has different ways to live their life. It is said that every person is answerable to its deeds and no one can speak on its behalf, so one should follow the right path and keep himself devoted to God. Every religion has its ways and they are followed with great belief and enthusiasm.

Religion is the identity of the person that categorize him in one community, the person should follow the sayings of the Holy Book and God. It is a faith in God that lies in our heart, it gives eternal peace and freshens up the soul. People give away their lives for the dignity and sake of religion