There is something to be...
Quote by Rumi

There is something to be

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There is something to be said for anyone who sits alone with dignity and silently begs for god.



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Poet (1207-1273)

Dignity Said

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I am smiling at myself today there's no wish left in this heart or perhaps there is no heart left free from all desire i sit quietly like earth my silent cry echoes like thunder throughout the universe i am not worried about it i know it will be heard by no one except me. Rumi
Love is the water of life, jump into this water. Rumi
Your radiance shines  in every atom of creation  yet our petty desires keep it hidden. Rumi
For sixty years i have been forgetful every minute, but not for a second has this flowing toward me stopped or slowed. Rumi
Christian, jew, muslim, shaman, zoroastrian, stone, ground, mountain, river, each has a secret way of being with the mystery, unique and not to be judged. Rumi
Love is nothing other than finding the truth. Rumi
Every rose that is sweet-scented within, that rose is telling of the secrets of the universal. Rumi
Things are such that someone lifting a cup, or watching the rain, petting a dog, or singing, just singing - could be doing as much for this universe as anyone. Rumi