Science Quotes

Science is basically involved in our daily lives and made it more comfortable than before. Science is the knowledge of the systematic ways learned by experiments and observations. The area of science is widely spread. It gives us the knowledge to solve complicated problems, develop new technologies and application making the world a comfortable place to live. Its knowledge is powerful, faster, reliable and secure. Science is progressing day by day. But if we look at the side-effects, the advancements of science may also lead to deadly consequences.

Science is about gaining knowledge through observation, analyzing, investigations, experiments, and practice. Its study is about the facts based on natural things and their behavior. There are many branches of science including physics, chemistry, biology, astrology, etc. human has now access to stars and the moon and this is all because of science and its remarkable discoveries.

Adults and even children are also taking a keen interest in the study of science as is empowering them to generate new ideas, make wise decisions and use these ideas and decisions to understand the key issues. It develops the ability of the person to ask questions, organize the knowledge and generate new skills. Scientific skills play a vital role in our everyday routine and now we cannot imagine our lives without it. Remarkable inventions of science can be seen in every field of life including food, transportation, medicine, plantation, communication, education, industries, etc. It gives us vast information and tells us the hidden truths of nature.  Further, are some quotations about science.