Soul Quotes

Depending upon the religion and physiological system, the soul can be immortal or mortal. the soul is basically the immortal part of the human body. It is the interaction between the mind and body that guides the actions and behavior. It is a very pernicious part of the human body and can be defined in the term of feeling, emotion, will, intent, etc. Even when we sleep, our soul is awake. We can also say that the human body is a prison for the soul. The human dies, but the soul of the human does not die. It remains alive and rests. Generally, when someone dies, we say that ‘may his soul rest in peace’.

Every living thing in the universe consists of a soul. It is very important for a comfortable life that our soul should be contented and it is only possible by staying positive in our daily life and doing well with people. Spreading joy and making other's life beautiful can also make our soul feel peaceful.

Art is one of the greatest things, which express the person’s soul. When the painter, paints a canvas, his painting reflects his soul which is balanced in every streak. Similarly, poetry also reflects our souls, and its unique characteristic is that it inspires, motivates and touch another soul poetry has a great affection in peoples life. Connecting with someone’s soul and having a great influence on other people’s life is harder but it is not impossible. Here are quotations about the soul below which are written by some great people to touch your souls.