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International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development

The international volunteer day is referred to as the IVD for economic and social development. The main our pose is promoting volunteerism. Through the event, the participants encourage the government to support the people doing the effort on different social aspects. For the reason, the event is organized each year on 5 December to achieve sustainable development goals.

Origins and Historical Context

The event was mandated by the United Nations in 1985. Till then the different organizations participate to support volunteer efforts. It is celebrated on a national and international level. The participants include Government organizations, civil society, industries, private sectors, and united nation volunteers. UN organizes the event each year to show a contribution to volunteerism development. 
Previously it was celebrated every five years of the amendment. In 2001, new recommendations were made, with civil society and the UN decided to organize the day each year. Since then the organizations organize and celebrate the working of volunteers. These facilitate, advocate, and promote volunteer actions 


During the event, the organizations get the chance to work on multiple projects for the betterment of society. Each year many projects are implemented and people are getting better lifestyles. 
The day is also known as a day of hope as the government thinks about different facts that are creating problems in society. Through the event, people get encouragement and start services through a home or with NGOs. The main activities that people do during the event is

  • Introduction of volunteer projects
  • Rallies and parades related to social and economic development
  • Voluntary program campaigns
  • Distribution of project-related material like brochures and booklets. 
  • Discussion about the progress of the previous year's projects.

Although there is no holiday during this day and public life is not disturbed. Organizations, institutes, and communities fix a certain time of campaign, rally or event. 


IVD Flag
During the day the flag is raised and hang outside and inside the building with the IVD logo. It has the design of two olive branches that encapsulate three V in a cup form. Each V has a tip that symbolizes the unity of people. The whole image is orange with an international volunteer day written under the branches. The background is white.

Themes of IVD

Each year about 80 countries celebrate the event to help eradicate poverty, promote gender equality, improve health and reduce child mortality. IVD has brought implementation for 10 to 12 years. Each year the event is celebrated with a certain theme. Some are
2018: Volunteer-built resilient communities
2017: Volunteer act first here everywhere
2016: Global applause- gives the volunteer a hand
2015: Your world is changing. Are you a volunteer?
UN has an IVD website and people now participate through the IVD web. It runs with the partnership of various organizations. The source has made easy for many people who want to work as a volunteer but need a genuine platform. Through IVD online registration people are playing a role and implementing as well as providing ideas to improve volunteer services.

For environmental and social sustainability, the IVD has become an important event in which people convey their thoughts and organizations implement. The day is hope for people who are needy and deserve the necessities of life.

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