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Tourism Day

Tourism is a worldwide industry. It is one of the most vital aspects of the developing countries. To raise the awareness of the need for accessible tourism all over the planet and its social, cultural, political and economic value World Tourism Day is held on September 27 every year.  The event seeks to highlight the contribution the tourism sector can make in reaching its goals. Many people and organizations including government agencies having a great interest in tourism celebrate this day with special enthusiasm.


World Tourism Day is the result of the work done by the United Nations specialized agency — the World Tourism Organization (WTO). In Spain, September 1979, the UN world tourism organization recognized the importance of the universal growth and strengthening of the tourism sector, the United Nation general assembly decided to observe world tourism day and it was first celebrated in September 1980. This appropriate day was chosen because this period is the end of the highest tourist season in the northern hemisphere and the start of the highest tourist season in the southern hemisphere- the time when nature attracts millions of people worldwide.

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Tourism has become the most upcoming sector in the world nowadays and it has been helpful for the country and its people in many ways. With time, the sector has undergone great diversification and development and has now become a symbol of growth for many countries. These dynamics converted tourism into a key driver for socio-economic progress.
Every year the theme and the host country are decided by the UN world tourism organization and announced. It invited people of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate the day in their respective countries or on their holiday destinations. The chosen theme highlights the important aspect of tourism. The Official event is held in the UN world tourism organization member state.  In 2009, the theme “Tourism – Celebrating Diversity” and the event’s host country was Ghana. This year India hosted the event with the theme “Tourism and jobs”.


Every country celebrates this day in its own unique style. There are various competitions held like photography competitions etc. mostly in the institutes taking a keen interest in tourism. Some regions organize promotional events, another offer free entry, discounts, etc. to tourists visiting a popular destination. However, one common thing that every location shares are the enthusiasm with which people come together to mark this day. On World Tourism Day, the World tourism organization makes sure that travel is accessible for everyone, including those with disabilities and folks with low-income.


‘World Tourism Day’ is undoubtedly a great initiative undertaken by the ‘United Nations World Trade Organization’ to raise awareness of the role of tourism within the international committee and to demonstrate how it affects social, cultural, political and economic values worldwide. The organization expects that tourism will continue to grow at an average of 3% annually until 2030.
With the growing trend of tourism, people are taking an active part in this field. Moreover, many organizations including government agencies are also helping disabled people to engage in this area as well. So whether you’re walking with a cane or rolling in a chair; the world is open for business to you and your friends. So, get traveling! There’s a great saying

The world is a book and if you don’t travel, you read only one page” 

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