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Black Friday

Black Friday is a special day which is considered to be Thanksgiving Day in United State which is a starting shopping for Christmas. It is celebrated on the fourth Friday of November every year. Black Friday is now famous throughout the world because of its features.

Origins and Historical Context

This day is celebrated since 1952 when people started their shopping after Thanksgiving Day. In the early era of the 20th century, most of the departmental stores use to sponsor the parade of Thanksgiving Day and at that time; no store was allowed to advertise regarding Christmas at their stores. They were allowed to advertise after the Santa appears at the end of the parades. So after the end of the parade, the departmental stores use to have a grand sale on their products for the people who have to shop for Christmas. Every black Friday in the United States uses to have a lot of shoppers which makes happiness from customers to the departmental store’s owner.

This trend not only remains in the United States but it was later celebrated throughout the world. First of all, the neighbor countries like Canada started this trend of Black Friday but later on, it was celebrated throughout the world even Muslim countries.


This tradition was started from the departmental stores in the United States who use to have a sale on their products but that tradition was spread throughout the world in a very quick time. There have been a lot of changes in the tradition like some stores use to celebrate it throughout the week instead of a day. People use to wait for shopping outside the store because of the rush and in this way, the stores use to be opened very early or they have discounts throughout the week. At first, Black Friday was applied to departmental store’s products and clothing but now there is a huge change in this tradition. Now food stores, movie theaters also give discounts. Many moviemakers use to release their movies on the occasion of Black Friday to take advantage of this tradition.


Every country celebrates this day in different styles like some countries give a holiday on this day because of Black Friday and the very next of Thanksgiving Day. Some countries use to celebrate it by giving huge discounts on retail stores and online stores. People use to wait for this day to buy clothing at a discounted rate and for this; they use to wait even for the weeks. As this day comes at the start of winter in some countries, so people get their winter clothing on this occasion. Many people go to watch movies; many families go for dinner while many people only go for shopping.

In some countries, some people use to travel for picnics because they get a discount on travel. In countries like the USA, people use to shop for the event of Christmas so the outlets use to give gifts to their customers. In this way, this day becomes special for the children. 

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