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Children's Day


World children's day is also known as international children's day. It is celebrated on different days in a number of countries. The day was first ever celebrated in Turkey as a holiday in the early nineties. The whole day is contributed to the children around the globe. Different aspects related to the everyday life of children are discussed. At first, the day was not known to most of the countries. But with time, it is now common in multiple nations. It is sometimes associated with the protection of children.
The United Nations has suggested a national holiday to different countries of the world. Numerous activities are performed on this day. From raising the issues faced by children to the studies everything is covered on this international day. Although the main focus is on the welfare of the young generation the celebrations are different in every country. The activities depend upon the rules and regulations of a respective state.


This day was the first time celebrated in the Republic of Turkey. It gained the importance of international events in the mid-nineties through the united nation's platform. Different child declarations were made in this regard by the general assembly of UNO.


The main purpose of celebrating children's day is child protection. It has been observed that millions of children across the globe were facing various issues. A big issue in this regard is HIV. Today a great number of institutions are working for the control of these kinds of diseases particularly in children. In the old times, many children get affected by these viral kinds of diseases. Now medical science has paved great ways to save the health of the children. Other problems related to children include vaccination, education, the right protection, as well as healthcare. Many children died in the past due to inadequate knowledge about the diseases. Many of them were caused by bacteria and viruses. There were no proper means of diagnosis. Then UNESCO brainstormed the issue and made policies regarding that.
Today there is great progress in this field and vaccination of children is pretty much simpler and easier than ever. Education is also an important factor that is mostly associated with children. Basic education is the right of every human being. When it comes to children education is often more necessary for building a good base, because these children are just like an investment for their respective nations and states. So on the children's day, the importance of school and early level education is described. Many organizations in different countries of the world are providing free and high-quality education to poor and deserving students irrespective of color, creed or race. Child labor is also a crucial thing to talk about. It is now banned by international policymakers. 

Celebration and Countries involved

The celebrations begin early morning following midnight. It includes TVC’S, newspaper ads, brochures, and leaflets. Infographics are also worth discussing. The governments of different countries organize events with the correspondence of the day to spread awareness in people across the world. Many countries celebrate this day (Roundabout 50). The main countries are the USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, CHINA, PAKISTAN, INDIA, and RUSSIA AND UAE. Every country has its policies and hence a different way to celebrate the day.

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