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International Youth Day

World Youth Day is renowned and is celebrated with all the generation of youth came forward to show their motivation and support to it. It is a day for young people that is organized and arranged by the Catholic Church. The youth day was first ever celebrated by John Paul in 1960. He came to this idea by observing the traditional Catholic 13 day camp of a young adult that celebrate their community. It is celebrated and large populations of bishops are invited, and they further scheduled it for them further. The youth gathers to show their strength and motivation. This day faces similarity with any other event. The presence of youth of different cultures depicts brotherhood and unity. Usually, people came forward to highlight the world their power and strong point of view.

Background & History

It is the most influential day in history as it is led by the youth of every generation. 87 youth days were held in Argentina and many people from different countries participate to show their mutual cooperation and alliance. In 1995, the crowd of 5 million youth comes up to celebrate this and creates a history. This day shows the strong relationship between youth among each other. In 2005, it is celebrated in most countries like Geneva, Poland, Germany and is attended by a number of people showing their support along. This charismatic day brings happiness among youth.


This day is celebrated on 12th August every year to show the belief in youth. The purpose is to highlight the efforts of youth and challenging they are facing in this emerging global society. This day shows the support of youth towards the government and society. The purpose to celebrate this day is to create awareness among youth, make them a better person and better citizens. It enables youth to achieve more and do something good for their country. The main objective so far is to promote a different way is making the youth more active and engaged them in achieving more and add more efforts to society. This day shows a positive outlook in the mind of youth.

Involved Countries

The countries play an important role in this day by showing their support and standing with their youth in every matter. The singing of national anthems of different countries shows their participation worldwide. Countries like Portugal, Panama, Poland, Brazil, Spain, Australia, Germany, Canada, Italy, France, Philippines, United States, Argentina, Italy and many more show their full support with their youth. They believe in the empowerment of youth, giving them full rights to live their life according to their ways.

How to Celebrate

This day is celebrated in a peaceful way all-around the western front. Young people came forward by holding the country’s flag and other cards to show their presence. People sing different songs related to one's nation to show their strength and integrity. People from other countries also joined and there is an event of trading each other national objects. People present their shirts, flags, and other goods as a sign of goodwill and peace. This day is celebrated with peace and gathers a lot of appreciation from the people.
This day brings joy as it highlights the views and different aspects of youth. The major goal to achieve is to make the youth independent and unite them. The integrity and strength of youth lead the country to a better position. 

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