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Doctor's Day

Doctors Day is celebrated to the recognition of doctor’s abilities and their contribution to helping the treatment to individuals and communities. This day is celebrated on March 30th but the date is not constant throughout the world. This is because some countries celebrate it on 28th while some celebrate on the 29th. Remember that the doctor’s day is celebrated throughout the world because all of the countries appreciate the work of doctors.

Origins and Historical Context

The recognition of doctor’s day happened on March 28, 1933, in Georgia. This day was started when a group of patients of a specific doctor sent some flowers and cards to their doctor for the appreciation of doctor’s work. They sent all of these presents because they were getting treatment from that doctor. This makes the history and the people around them did the same towards their doctors to appreciate their working (treatment). This not only starts the tradition in Georgia but also throughout the world.
The basic purpose of celebrating this day is to signify the importance of physicians in one’s life because without them it seems to be impossible to live. After this trend started in the USA, the president at that time passes this rule to declare March 30th as a national holiday for doctors which is considered to be a doctor’s day.

Customs and Traditions

The tradition of doctor’s day moves from Georgia towards throughout the world because it gives importance to the doctors who save numerous lives. In India, July 1 is considered for the doctors because of the advancement in the medical field. The tradition is different from country to country like Kuwait celebrates this day on March 3 as this day was suggested by one of their leading women doctors while Canada celebrates this day on May 1. This tradition is started throughout the world to give honor to the doctors who really worked for their people and country.


The celebration of doctor’s day is not specific in all of the countries as it is being celebrated from country to country. The most common way of celebrating the doctor’s day is to personally go to the doctor and give them some gifts, cards or flowers. In some countries, this day is considered to be a national holiday for doctors to give them relief. Some countries use to have events and seminars to acknowledge the importance of doctors. They usually give them a thanksgiving party to recognize their working and honors. Most of the people usually go to the grave along with the flowers if the doctor is deceased.

It is also common that the hospital management and staff arrange some type of function or party where the doctors come and cut the cake which is also arranged by the organizing people. Some countries like India also arrange the events at the government level by the minister of health, where some most recognized physicians are invited. This is because they have contributed to some research in the field of medical science. Besides this, the doctors also celebrated this day by giving special attention or present to their patients. 

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