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Environment Day

5 June is the world environment day. Each year the environmental list collaborates with government and other organizations. The basic purpose is to run awareness campaigns about pollution and making the world a safe place to live. These days due to radiation and global warming, the earth is getting polluting day by day. That is causing severe health problems thus decline the age of not only humans but other living beings are also suffering from environmental hazards.

Historical context

People started celebrating the day in 1974. Since then, different countries host the event to bring awareness regarding the environment, preventive measures, and causes of pollution. About 100 countries participate in world environment day conferences and deliver their ideas to make the earth a better place to live.

Themes of world environment day

Each year, the organizations announce the theme to celebrate the day. In this way, people convey ideas and solutions regarding the theme. The key accomplishments and themes in previous years are
2019: Beat Air pollution
2018: Fight against pollution due to plastic
2017: Nature and connecting people
2016: Go wild for life
2015: Seven Billion dreams- one planet
2014: International years of small islands
2013: Think, eat, save
2012: Green economy
2011: Forests
2010: Many species, One planet, One future
Thus, each year WED arranges the theme event to protect the nature, species, and overall world.


The world environment day is celebrated on the institutional level. The organizations arrange the conference and awareness program regarding the theme. Plus, they arrange rallies or meetings to discuss ongoing issues. People celebrate the day in the following manner

Plant a tree

The best activity that people do during the day is planting a new tree. They plant the new life in the backyard or in a small pot to say their positive attribute for the day, it is the best way to celebrate the day as the plants bring health in the environment and are the reason to provide fresh air.

Say no to plastic

Another activity that is on peak these days is to discard the non-recyclable plastic. People are now getting awareness that how dangerous the plastic is for life. So, they discard the plastic material from their homes and deposit to the warehouses that are collecting these harmful objects for safe disposal.

Clean the society

Another interesting activity that people do with their family and neighborhood is the cleaning of society. They participate in cleaning the litter plus disposing of the garbage from a public place. They help in sweeping to make the place safe and clean.

Participate in rally

People who are part of NGOs or such institutes where WED is celebrated participate in rally actively. Prepare the debate. Some people distribute brochures to give people awareness regarding the day.

There are a lot of other activities to do during the day. One cans a checklist on the official site of the WED and then click the to-do list during the day. It will become more entertaining and one can get to know about the real purpose of the day.

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