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Valentine's Day

Valentine's day also known as a day of love is celebrated each year on 14th February. People on this day exchange gifts with a partner to show their affection, love, and care. It is celebrated in memory of St Valentine who truly loved and sacrificed for being in a relationship.

Historical Aspects

Valentine was Saint in Rome in the third century in AD. In that Claudius 2 was emperor. He banned marriages as according to him the married men were not fully devoted to their services. Valentine felt it was not fair. So, he started arranging marriages secretly. When the emperor came to know about this secret act. He immediately took action and sent Valentine to the jail. Here, the new story began. He fell in love with Jailer’s daughter. On his death’s day, he wrote a love letter to her. It was 14th February. Thus, lovers celebrate the day.


If we see the old traditions, the day was started in the Roman culture. Romanians at the start of spring season celebrate the festival known as Lupercalia. In this event, there are cards with hidden names of girls. The boys drew the cards and marry the girl whose name is written on that card. They become friends and afterward marry with each other. Later on, the church converted the event with name Christianity and then to Valentine’s day. Since then the day is celebrated. Over time, the traditions have been changed. There is no marriage on that day only lovers exchange their gifts and express their feelings.


There are no specific rules for celebrating the day. Everyone participates in an event in his own way. Some common ways of celebrations that bring a smile to the faces are

Attending the dance party

On that day, most people arrange a party at home. The main purpose is to strengthen the bond of lovers. The couples dance together, get involved in each other, share their feelings and give a gift to make their love string firm and strong. The partners teach other different dance steps. The host conducts the dance competition and other musical activities to make the day entertaining.

Host the dinner

To realize the partner how important she or he in life, people host the special candlelight dinner. The soothing lights, floral decoration, and a warm environment make the best place to spend time together. It is the best way to celebrate love moments together.

Spending night in a hotel

To bring happiness and to cheer with a partner in a luxury environment doubles the love feeling. Some people book a room in a hotel having a decoration with respect to the day. The red flowers, heart balloons with special nightgowns all that stuff make night romantic, soothing and memorable.


Watching a movie together

Some couples prefer going to a movie. They spend with each other, eat, drink and watch the movie to celebrate the day.
There is a lot of stuff to do in the day. The only purpose is to realize the partner how much one cares and loves.

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