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Father's Day

The influence of Father's Day on children reminds them of the hardships and struggles of a father. Father is the person that stands up for their kid and take care of the family. He is all-alone the breadwinner of the house, he not only shows love and affection to his children but also a wife. The Father's Day cast a great perspective image in society and is celebrated by the children each year. This day is celebrated according to different norms and cultures. Each country has set its date, mostly it is celebrated in March, April, and June. Usually, children celebrate this day on any vigorous date according to their nation preserved custom.


In 1508, the custom of celebrating Father's Day arises and is influenced by people all over the world. The Spanish and Portuguese brings up this culture and day to the Native Americans and then there it got recognition worldwide. During the big feast day, this day is celebrated on May 19 in the remembrance of Jesus. This day is recognized as a general holiday but it then refused and is only declared as one of the national days. President Woodrow Wilson shows his gratitude and affection towards celebrating the day, he wants to make it recognized the national holiday, but his idea is strongly opposed by the others. However, this day gets a lot of recognition and is celebrated with full mood and appreciation.


The significance of Father's Day is to highlight the effort and hardships bore by the father in raising and bringing up the children. The day is celebrated to remember the favors of a father that he has done. This day is waited by the children a whole year and with high spirit, children come forward to appreciate their father's effort towards them. Father has a big role in keeping the family together, there are many examples in which father gives his life in saving the life of his child. To appreciate his kindness and generosity, children are eager to celebrate this day.

Involved Countries

It is reported that Father's Day is the most-awaited and supreme day. This day is celebrated worldwide with a large population. The children all-together remain in their houses and celebrate this day with father. This day is celebrated in every country on different dates, countries that celebrate this day are Myanmar, Russia, Belgium, Romania, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Thailand, Nepal, Egypt, Kuwait., Iran and many more. These countries respect this day and came forward to celebrate this day. World-wide appreciation of this day gives it more importance and prominence.

How to Celebrate

To appreciate the fatherhood, this day is celebrated by living and spending time with father. Children’s gives cards and gifts to their father and make them feel happy. Children come up with different ideas to enlighten their father's mood on this day and make them feel proud of their upbringing. Giving them their desired thing and fulfilling’s their wish at an older age.
The day is to remember and is celebrated with joy to appreciate the kindness of your father. The life you lived is all given to you by only a man who stands with you in every matter. So, I appreciate his struggle and work.

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