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Health Day

Health Day is recognized as the awareness day. Each year this day is celebrated on 7 April with great celebrations. This day has worldwide recognition and many countries came forward to celebrate it with great courage and valor. The World Health Organization (WHO) has taken up sponsorship to celebrate this event globally. Some other organizations also take part in the celebration of this day. Health Day creates awareness among large masses, they were aware of them to take care of their health and take precautionary measures. Health Day has its dynamic significance and is appreciated by the people around the globe.


The WHO was the first one to take initiative regarding the health day. Its first general meeting was held in 1948. It is mutually decided to celebrate Health Day on 7 April. In 1950, it was the first time celebrated globally and now each year it is organized and celebrated warmly. Each year this day is organized by people to show their spirit and motivation. People should highlight various aspects of health and came forward to solve these issues. Many themes are been arranged on Health Day. Health Day symbolizes the peace and well-being of each other.


The purpose of celebrating this day is to create awareness among the people regarding health issues prevailing in the society. It is to draw the attention of the government and other organizations to work for the benefit of society. The purpose of this day is to deal with the health issue of society. It is compulsory to arrange health camp in slum areas, downtrodden areas and provide the people their basic need for their survival. Health is the most important factor and nowadays it is deteriorating due to different diseases. It is for the welfare of society that people should celebrate this day and support others to come forward and help others.

Involved Countries

Countries play an economic and social role in the celebration of Health Day. Different organizations have national support on their back and arranged a different event to aware people about the health issue. Countries nationally broadcast different awareness programs so that people know about the issue of health prevailing in each society. Countries that are involved in the celebration of Health Day are Argentina, Australia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Bangladesh, Bahamas, Bhutan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cuba, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Kuwait and many more.

How to Celebrate

People came forward and collect donation to provide poor basic health needs. Many local and regional events are also arranged and each one has a particular subjected theme. Many health issues are highlighted and people support their thoughts related to health day. People advancing their support and few bring charts and posters along with them. It is celebrated peacefully and is appreciated by everyone.

Every country celebrates health day to shows affection and concerns towards the health of its people. Health is the main component of living, every person wishes to have good health. Health brings happiness and love for others.


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