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World Music Day

The music day is celebrated on every 21st of June throughout the world. Every country celebrates it according to their culture and planning. Most of the countries celebrate this day by allowing the public to play their favorite music on the street or in neighbors. The trend of music day was started in 1982 by Jack Lang who was a minister of culture in Paris and Maurice Fleuret who was also in Paris. Since that day, this music day is celebrated around 120 countries in the world.

Origins and Historical Context

In 1981, the founder of this day Maurice Fleuret was selected as director of music and dance by the minister of culture. Maurice Fleuret researched that every young person out of two knows the playing music instrument but they don’t get any place to play that. So his vision became to make an event where these music people will come out and play their favorite music. So both the director of music and dance as well as the director of culture decided to fix a day that is June 21. Moreover, they also planned that this day will be celebrated by bringing the music people on the street. Not only this, on this day most of the music artist arranged free concerts and music events to make happiness between people of their country.

This day got a lot of popularity and people from 700 countries use to celebrate it every year in their own way according to their culture.

Customs and Traditions

There are many countries where the music is the most major tradition in their culture. In these types of countries, there are a lot of concerts are arranged throughout the year where millions of people attend the event. However, this day gets more attention in these countries because most of the offices and schools usually get closed earlier to make their employees and students enjoy the music day.  In some countries, this day is not being celebrated at a higher level because they don’t love music much or their government doesn’t allow.


The celebration of this day varies from country to country because of the difference in culture. Countries like the USA, UK, and France use to celebrate it by arranging free concerts and DJ nights because it gathers people and makes happiness. These events are usually free on this day because the purpose of this day is not to make money from it. Many people use to have some speakers and play loud music outside their homes to gather along with the neighbors. In some countries, there is a music competition in which a lot of competitors come and the winner gets a huge winning prize.

In this day, there are not only music festivals are arranged but along with the musical events, some other events like bonfire, dinner and different competitions are also arranged. The basic purpose of this event is to gather people and make happiness between them whereas the competitions support the newbie musicians. The celebration of this day is getting famous throughout the world. 

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