Labor Day quotes for Hard Working Peoples
Labor Day

Labor Day is celebrated each year on the first Monday of September to give tribute to the contributions of the workers. The main purpose is to realize the working community that how important these personalities are for the country? Plus, the day is celebrated to say goodbye to the summer season and enjoy the last moments of the season with entertainment.

Historical context

Labor Day has some terrific history. It was not started with any happiness rather it was the result of strikes and rallies that workers organized to get their rights. In the 1800s, the condition of the workers was very poor. They struggled for seven days in a week but got minor wages as compared to their effort. In 1880, the labor union organized rallies against the Government to get their rights. Even they became violent. In these events, many workers and policemen were killed.

1n 1882, the labor union marched from City Hall to Union Square in New York City. It was the first Labor Day in March. Till then each year workers celebrate the day to realize their value to other citizens. In 1894, the proper law was passed to have Labor Day each year on the first Monday of September.


The workingmen holiday is celebrated by the labor class each year. Traditionally, people organized rallies and picnics. Americans say that they celebrate the day for workers plus to welcome the autumn. They say goodbye to summer and celebrate the upcoming Autumn season.


People celebrate the day in their own way. The best things we find during the day and people love to do are

Attending parades and rallies

To encourage workers and participate in their activities is a good feeling. The best celebration during the Labor Day is participation in parade and rallies or attending the event. In this way, one understands how hard these people are working and struggling for the community.

Picnic parties

The best thing to do during the day is a picnic party. As it is the public holiday so everyone is free in the family. Moreover, the weather these days is so comfortable that everyone wants to have a sunbath plus refresh in the light windy environment. People go for picnics enjoy live Barbeque. Other activities with picnic include paragliding, boating, and swimming.

Dinner at public places

On that day, organizations arrange food festival or funfair at public places. It is the best way to spend the day. People eat their favorite food and cheer with their lovely buddies and family members

Arrange a road trip

Nothing is interesting than a road trip in an autumn season. A pleasant cold breeze with light sunshine and soft music makes the excellent blend to spend an awesome time. Perhaps, it is one of the best activities one can have during the Labor Day.

Plan for hiking

Some people arrange a trip to the mountains. As Labor Day comes with the long weekend so people love to have holidays on thrill stations to enjoy hiking.

Labor Day is the best way to say goodbye to summer. So, make an entertaining plan to have a long weekend full of fun and amusement.


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