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World Laughter Day

What is Laughter Day?

World Laughter Day is embarked on history and comes on the first Sunday of May. It comes in every year and is celebrated with full spirit. The people are eager to celebrate this day that spread happiness among them and bring something new in their lives. The positive and peaceful vibes come in the human body to change the entire scenario of the living. It is celebrated with full enthusiasm and is highlighted all-around the world giving its appreciation among the public. The first time it was celebrated on January 11, 1998, in India. It is believed to give a pleasure of joy inside the body that motivates the person to bring peace in the world. People come together to enjoy this day.

Background & History

The founder of the Laughter Yoga Movement came forward and arranges this day to restore harmony and pass the smile across the people's face. The day is now marked and is celebrated worldwide to rejoice its spirit and stance. It is believed that human facial expression affects their feelings to bring smiles all around the world. World Laughter Day's only objective is to bring promotions and brings happiness in their life. So Madan Kataria takes up this chalice in the world and believes in the spirit of brotherhood. This movement has been enlarged by now and is expanding day by day. People are becoming part of this movement and now up to today's date, there are more than 150 countries that are celebrating this day.


The purpose is to have joy in life and avoid any hazardous situation that leads to war. It believes in to motivate the people to engage in friendship and prevent them from any type of conflict. People used to know about each other and spread happiness. The purpose of it is to create massive awareness among the public and encourages them to laugh to keep themselves well. It requires a lot of people to gather at some public space and experience the emotion of laughing. Moreover, it purposes to highlight the human behavior qualities to support peace and comes up with joy.

Involved Countries

It is recognized around the globe and many countries came forward to celebrate it. The Western and Asian countries can be seen celebrating it with utmost joy and enthusiasm. They practice laughter challenge all-day making it memorable. India, UK, USA, India, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Bangkok, and Korea, etc. these countries show their spirit by bringing their youth all-together to celebrate this day. They stand with peace and opposed the idea of war.

How to Celebrate

The laughter day doesn’t require any regulation; the people are care-free and are in a jovial mood. They believe in a peaceful appearance and gathering. People gathered at some public places and bring chart and posters having a laughing thing drawn on them showing their support and belief. It is celebrated in the first week of May with a celebration.

The celebration of this day makes us remember to keep peace and harmony around the world. It gives the hidden message to support each other and stand for one's self-esteem and confidence.


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