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New Year Eve & Day

On the night between 31st December and 1 January, people welcome New Year wholeheartedly with positive hopes and happiness. Each year millions of people celebrate the day and enjoy the beginning of a new date in different ways. Some organize parties at their home, while others move to town to entertain themselves with exclusive firecrackers while some move to abroad to celebrate the last moments of the year. In some countries, people organize prayers to start the New Year with good fortune and wishes. In short, everyone, celebrate the day in his own style and traditions. Before going deep to the traditional aspect of the New Year let’s have a glance at some historical aspects of the New Year’s Eve holidays.

History and origin

Around 2000 BC the New Year was celebrated in Mesopotamia. People of that region perform ritual activities and celebrate the day in mid of March that was considered the start of the year. In 46 BC an astronomer sus gene studied about the solar system and convinced to start the New Year from January. Since then the maximum countries in the world celebrate the New Year from 1st January.


Traditions for New Year eve varies from country to country. Although few traditions are the same, people follow their ancestors to celebrate the evening and day of the New Year. The primary thing the people to start a new date is the setting of goals and resolutions. Calculating their mistakes and making the mind to improve them. They make a promise with themselves not to perform bad acts and be sincere with their work, fellows, and country. Most people prepare special shimmery dresses and wear them at a party to look glamorous. Few customs related to well-known countries that are interesting to know are
Scotland: People sing the Auld Lang sing a song and play first footing game
Germany: Lead pouring ceremony
Ireland: Bang bread against the walls to kick out bad luck
Latin America: Wear special color underwear’s like yellow for happiness, red for love
Canada: Organize polar bear plunge


As soon as the clock struck 12 fireworks start. It is organized on the government and the public level. Most countries start their celebrations with this activity. People celebrate by eating and drinking their favorite meals. They organize parties with dance and drinking. Some people offer prayers while the young generation loves to spend a night out of the home. Wandering here and there with friends eating, gossiping and having fun all night.

New Year fun activities

To make the New Year night special and full of entertainment people besides arranging the parties add some entertaining stuff. In this way, both adults and kids love to enjoy special moments. Few activities are

  • Guessing a resolution

Each member is given a paper and pen to write a resolution of his best friend or sibling thus making the time entertaining.

  • Puzzle games

Letter scrambling and then guessing the correct words from that

  • Painting and crafting

Some people arrange the painting or crafting competition to entertain their guests,
Each year people are bringing new ideas to celebrate the day to make the moments special and memorable. 

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