Memorial Day Quotes to Commemorate the Martyrs
Memorial Day

Memorial Day is also recognized as Decoration Day is celebrated on last Monday of every May. The main purpose is to memorize the militants who had died while serving American Armed forces. People on that day pay tribute to the armed forces, their working for the nation and their sacrifices for their families. People celebrate the Decoration Day and pray for the departed souls.


Memorial Day is the federal holiday. First, it was celebrated on May 30. But, in 1968, the law passed the act and decided to celebrate the day on the last Monday of May. So, people get a long weekend to cherish and celebrate the holidays.


Each year when the day is near, the government starts planning and organizes the events for the militants who had passed in battle or for any reason. The military hosts the parades and speeches. Pray for the soldiers and give courage to the families. Members of veterans come to attend the parade. The large events of parades are organized in Chicago, Network and Washington DC. People visit the memorials and cemeteries.
There is a tradition of wearing a poppy on a hat or coat. It is the tradition that was started in World War 1 poem.


People celebrate the day in different ways. Some common things that we see most Americans do in the Decoration Day are

Fly a flag

One of the best activities most Americans do to show patriotism and affection for the martyrs is the flying of the American flag. They hang the flag on the courtyard or rooftop. For this activity, they have to follow the flagship act. Along with the people take a moment of silence at 3 Pm, It is known as the moment of remembrance. At this time people keep themselves silent and pray for veterans who have died during serving their nation.

Attending the parade

The best way to celebrate the day is to attend the parade. These are arranged in various parts of the country. The schedule is announced in the newspaper so people check through and plan to watch a parade.

Send soldiers packages

In the day, people show affection for the army by packing special packages for them they send them gifts that they need while doing duties on borders. They send toiletries, special bows or ties, and such stuff to show that civilians are always praying for them. Even people send messages via card or letter to encourage the soldiers on the border.

Attending a Memorial Day concerts

To keep people patriotic, singers arrange concerts in various parts of countries. People who are fond of such events love to attend concerts and enjoy the day.

Decorating the house with red poppy

The flower is the symbol of Memorial Day. So, people decorate their house with red poppy or wear it to show love for those who are struggling for a nation leaving behind their families alone.
Memorial Day gives awareness about the militants and their serving for the country.

Parents teach their kids and tell them a story about the armed forces. Thus, the whole day is celebrated in a way to bring patriotic feeling in both adults and kids.

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