Mother's day quotes to show your love for your mother
Mother's Day

Mother is the most prestigious person in one's life, the children are the shadow of their mother. A mother devotes her all-life to the well-being of her children and makes them the most respectable person in the society. The effort and struggles of a mother is valued and respected on 10 May, or it can be celebrated on any week of May. This day highlights the values and appreciated their work towards their family, a mother not only manages her children problem and need but also take care of her husband. The day is too celebrated to honor motherhood, their bond and the impact that a mother casts on the whole society.


The day has its norms and value that set it apart from other days. The celebration of this day for the time initiate from the United States, this day is far different from the other traditions' day that is already prevailing and celebrated by the Greeks and Romans in remembrance of Great Mother. Still, in some countries, people see this day as one of their typical traditional days. However, Mother Day has its significance and is justified as a respectable day. In the past, it faces criticism on being so much commercialized, however later it is celebrated all around the world.


The purpose to celebrate this audacious day is to honor motherhood and the inseparable bond between mother and children. In every religion, the mother has been given importance and is respect is greater than any other living thing. The stance of the mother is very high as she is the one that supports you in thick and thin. The purpose to celebrate this day is to highlight the important aspect of mothers and give them respect, love, and gratitude which they deserve. This day is celebrated to give rightful respect to the mother and take care of her that way she does all her life.

Involved Countries

Each country has its way to celebrate this day. A large number of population in every country celebrate this day and are very devoted to their mother. In every nation, Mother Day has been given importance. On this day, special programs are hosted on national TV to pay tribute to the mother for their services. Countries that celebrate this day are Albania, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, Spain and many more. A huge population of these countries came down to celebrate the mother day by paying compliment to the effort of their mother.

How to Celebrate

Mother Day has a traditional way of celebration. The whole house is decorated and children bring an exciting gift for their mothers. Child cooks delicious food for their mother and spent time. It has worldwide recognition and is duly celebrated with high importance. The younger or elder children present gifts and make the mother feel proud of their upbringing. Every child stays at home to show his/her part of love to the mother.

The day tends to differ from other days and is celebrated uniquely. Mother Day has its significance, it shows the children love and affection towards their mother. So, this day has its own recognition and is duly celebrated with high appreciation.  


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